Mobile Games

Top 4 Mobile Games

July 13, 2019

Mobile games are a $50 billion dollar industry with over 2.1 billion players worldwide, and both those numbers are growing every single year. How do you serve a market that huge? Lots and lots of games.It wasn’t easy picking the best mobile games of all time. With over 500 new games submitted to the App […]

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10 Stages for Mobile Game Development Process

June 7, 2019

First Stage: Shape Your Idea The best way to start the mobile game development process is to work on your idea. This crucial part drives the success of your game and you must view your project in a larger picture. With all the witty ideas present in the mobile game industry, your challenge is to […]

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Impact of Mobile Games on the Gaming Industry

May 25, 2019

Mobile apps have served to catalyze a process that began over a decade ago when broadband internet became widely available to consumers. Over time, console game developers realized that they could eschew the cartridge and distribute their games digitally over the internet. During this same period of time, the first smartphones arrived, and with them, a […]

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